first the beach, then the tools

First, I went to the beach.


Huge rafts of scoters were coming through. Many will stay the winter. There were several hundred scoters, and twice as many cormorants flew in from Duxbury bay too.


I was not the only one looking for birds. This peregrine falcon was around yesterday too – I saw it strafe the shorebirds through heavy fog. Today it sat on a windmill out at a house on the beach.

peregrine falcon

Then I posted these tools for sale. Email or comment, and send me a mailing address. I can invoice you w paypal or you can send a check. My address is:

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd

Kingston, MA 02364

go. thanks.




3 thoughts on “first the beach, then the tools

  1. Peter, I will take the WA Wood hollow morticer, very glad to have it! I’ll mail you a check in the morning. nate hopkins, 286 Wiscasset rd Whitefield Maine, 04616 Thanks, Nate

  2. Ops, in my mad rush I messed that all up, the AA Wood hollow auger! – Nate – Nice peregrine! I enjoy the birds as much as the wood working, keep it up! – Nate

  3. Dear Peter: A couple of questions if I may; the cool hammer that you’re using in your joint stool book, were did you get it? Is it an antique or a reproduction ? It’s beautiful, I’ve never seen one like it. Secondly, do you use the Linenfold carving pattern in your work or is it inappropriate for the Seventhteenth century time period?

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