a good day at the office

Lots of the time at the museum, people see me working with hand tools and have no reference point for what they are seeing. It’s out of their experience…

view of bench and hewing block

Then, days like yesterday, it clicks. I spent almost an hour talking with a group from Concord Massachusetts and Transylvania – these folks were of Hungarian descent, and several knew my tools and their uses. It was great fun for me. I got a very nice letter tonight from Rodger Mattlage, showing me a selection of carved gates that they described to me. They didn’t know to tell me the best part – they have birdhouses cut in the top sections! 


Here’s Rodger’s letter: 

Dear Peter,

 Many thanks for your demonstrations and conversation with our group from Concord, MA and Székelykeresztúr Transylvania yesterday!! It was a real pleasure for me and others to talk with you and be in your shop and to see you working.

 Here is a starter page for info about Székely gates (Székelykapu in Hungarian)  in the Transylvania of what is now Romania, but up to WW I was part of Hungary.


 And to read a bit more about the Székely people, there is:


 Best wishes,


Sometimes – I have the best job in the world. Thank you Rodger. Please tell your group how much their visit meant to me. 




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