Summertime done come & gone…

My Oh My.

And and I don’t miss it a bit. September is my favorite time of year. Once Labor Day is over, I can go to the beach. And this September we had a long string of perfect weather. So I took every chance I had to get out to the beach…

September beach

Meanwhile, on the blog I sold tools & spoons. And then packed tools. And packed spoons. I went to the post office a lot. and worked, and helped with the transition to first grade.

1st day 1st grade



So the blog has been neglected. But here are more September pictures. 

Plymouth beach

Here’s the bird all the fuss is about. If you read this blog, you know who’s side I’m on…the bird has to live here. We can drive elsewhere…

piping plover juvenile
one more great view of Plymouth Beach
Shooting the other direction

And back at the house, the view across the river is at its best as well. None of the mon0-chromatic summer color. 

September Jones River, 2012

6 thoughts on “Summertime done come & gone…

  1. I wish the Grateful Dead lyrics in your posts didn’t make me sad, but they do. So many memories…seems like all this life was just a dream.

  2. Ahh, September! You captured so much on Plymouth Beach! I’m imagining the pylons in raised embroidery. What a sampler of stitches they would be!

  3. This is my time of year as well, love the fall colors and cooler weather. Great pics Peter! Here on the Jersey Shore I am definitely glad when the beaches get calm and the many city folks move onward….lol. Great blog, be well.

  4. I was out in the barn yesterday and don’t know why but walked outside just in time to see a flock of storks, very low, heading south to Africa for the winter. They aren’t all that rare anymore here in France, but still, don’t see them all that often in my region. Really lovely. Love your blog.

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