Next batch of tools for sale: some Stanley tools

The tool sale continues. With the wooden planes and other tools closely associated with how I work, I have a pretty good idea about value, condition etc when it comes time to post Jennie Alexander’s tools here. Like most of us, at an early point in my woodworking career I had a bunch of Stanley tools. My father worked in a hardware store from 1942-1975. So there were lots of them around when I was growing up.

But I haven’t really used them in years. Sold some decades ago when I was broke. Thus offering this first batch of Stanley tools from Alexander I am out of my reach to some extent. I spent a lot of time on the web, just like any of us, researching these tools. There, prices are pretty varied. So I priced these somewhat based on what I found on the web, and on the condition of the tools. Not sure if these tools appeal to the readers here; but we’ll find out. I dread going to Ebay to sell them. what a headache. But if this doesn’t work then maybe that’s the next move. Because there are lots more Stanley tools coming. Spokeshaves, lots of spokeshaves. Here’s the first batch.

email me or write in the comments if you’d like one of these. Paypal of check is the way to go. Shipping’s on you, but these will be easier than shipping those jointer planes last  week!


Stanleys plus one

6 thoughts on “Next batch of tools for sale: some Stanley tools

  1. Peter:
    The Stanly No. 52 shave is a wonderful tool. With only two bolts it can be tightened just so. It can be adjusted by tapping the handle on th shaving horse.I use one all the time. Nathaniel does also Set it up with the blade slightly askew and you get rwo shavngs. Then, if you desire, while shaving tap and readjust the blade.

    • Brian – sorry but those tools are gone by now…I have quit the tool-sale endeavor. I thought I took the page down, so I apologize that you were able to get to it…

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