the carved box class at CFC

Here’s a few more photos from the recent box class at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (CFC)

We had split sections of riven oak to start with, these needed hewing before planing. Here is Jim, one half of a lefty-husband and wife duo.  My hewing hatchets are righties, so Jim & Mary both used the Hans Karlsson double-bevel hatchet. Worked fine.

the students made lots of oak boards, riving, hewing & planing on & on.

Fred in motion

Proof. one of many barrels-full.

one of umpteen

Then to break their minds instead of their bodies, I gave them carving practice. They really took to it.

Raking light is great for this work.

I always stress body position; motions that steady & support the tool are helpful. Here’s Jim again, carving at his bench. Sorry for the garish color.

lefty carving too

Then I forgot my camera one day, and we cut the boards, finished the carving. Made rabbet joints, and pinned them together.

Patrick pinning his box

We used plain ol’ modern glue, and pinned the joints with square wooden pins. Then nailed bottoms on. (more about nails soon)

Here is a detail of a box with its cleats test-fitted, ready to make & install the lid. but we were out of time. Agghhhh,


That’s it for carved box classes for me this year (I’m out of vacation-time at work). We’ll see where I end up next year. It’s a busy but fun week making these things. Seems like a little project, til you factor in making all the hardwood stock from the log. I’ve been on a box-making frenzy since I got back. Will shoot some photos soon.


One thought on “the carved box class at CFC

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m hoping to take a first class at CFC in the summer of 2013 and it’s really nice to stumble upon such impressive work samples.

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