Look at this

Look at this:

chip carving

Winston James, a reader of this blog, bought one of my spoons a week or two ago. With his check, he sent this example of his work, in basswood. I’m thrilled to have it, it’s on display in the kitchen now. Thanks Winston. Nice going. (the lighting is weird because I shot them quickly in the shop before I went to Maine…)


Now, who’s going to cut this stuff in oak? Any takers? If you KNOW how it was done in oak, I’d like to hear it. No speculation, just the facts…

17th-c chip carved oak desk



6 thoughts on “Look at this

  1. Beautiful work from Winston. Thanks for sharing this. Really enjoy your blog, Peter. Now if I could just get one of those spoons of yours! :-))

  2. How would one carve smooth detail into oak? I’m no authority but having carved detail for one Bible box of seasoned oak I’m pretty sure that green oak and sharp tools are a good answer. From the amount of warpage I see in many pieces made of thinner material I would not expect that if they were worked after seasoned. Thank you for the inspiration to those of us who needed the nudge to try our own hand at it ! A very satisfying craft !

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