First of 2 Maine trips – Lie-Nielsen this time

Thanks to all who inquired about spoons, most are boxed and ready to go. If I don’t get them out of here today, I’ll go to the Post Office on Monday.

Right now, I’m packing at home, then later packing at the shop for the first of two Maine trips this month. This weekend is the summer version of the  Lie-Nielsen Open House. These things are a lot of fun. The line-up is always great.


Matt Bickford’s planes

This time, among all the other folks you’ll see there,  you can get in line to see Matt Bickford – I saw parts of his book and it makes you want to plane moldings all over the place.

Chris Schwarz is going to be there too, along with a cast of many. Come & see us. Friday & Saturday. Summer, Maine, woodworking, LN tools, – how can you go wrong?

Here’s their pictures from last summer

One thought on “First of 2 Maine trips – Lie-Nielsen this time

  1. Hi Peter,
    I enjoyed your discussion on hatchets and hatchetry. I am out here in the wood working boondocks: California, Silicon Valley in fact. I am a professional wood worker and antique repair man. I have several hatchets in my arsenal my first was a small roofing hatchet with a hammer head on the other side that I modified like your friend Jenny did. I like this one still for light work. I also have an antique hewing hatchet that I handled with Pacific Yew one of my favorite helve-woods.
    But I think that the most appropriate for me in my location is a cast steel hewing hatchet with the mark “MAC NET”. I am not sure what Steve Jobs did before that computer nonsense, but I don’t believe that he was any thing as useful as a tool maker.
    I can’t find info on the maker, but it seems like it’s not too old: maybe early to mid twentieth century. If you want I can send pictures; but my experience with lending tools is that as soon as it’s out of the shop I need it. Neither a borrower nor a lender be…
    Keep chopping, hacking and a-hewing
    Bernie Ross
    San Jose,CA

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