Spoons for sale


basket of spoons

Well, I’ve gone & done it. Posted about a dozen spoons for sale. I stink at selling things. Always have. But after getting enough requests for spoons, I decided to give it a shot. I have made a bunch  of these spoons, and they are certainly more affordable than joined chests…so if you need some gifts, or a chance to replace some awful machine-made kitchen spoons – here’s your chance. Any questions, send me an email.

Thanks for looking. The spoons page is on the header of the blog’s front page, and here is a direct link:


I’ll get back to woodworking techniques and the usual stuff on the blog soon. While I hope to keep selling things here, I do not intend to turn it into a retail gig only…expect the usual furniture studies, shop work, birds & kids’ drawings…and whatever else comes up…




One thought on “Spoons for sale

  1. I think in the case of home furniture, you certainly get what you pay for.
    I’d instead pay a bit more to make sure that I will be getting top quality items which will last.

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