walnut book stand for sale

walnut book stand


Slowly I am coming around to almost liking some walnut…how’s that for a qualifying statement? Much of the stock I had last year was excellent quality – straight grain and clear. Around the shop I have been making boxes and boxes from it, practicing dovetails.

But one task that I really like it for is turned work. So I sawed out some blanks and made another book stand recently. Here’s a post about these creatures https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/turned-book-stand/

Since that post I have seen another 17th-century example; essentially a joined & carved version. I am making some of that style for a magazine article soon…I’ll show it here on the blog after the article runs.

This walnut one is for sale. Price is $150 plus shipping. Email me if you are interested.  peter.follansbee@verizon.net

Overall height is roughly 18″ ; width is about 14 1/2″ – depth around 15″.

The last walnut one didn’t hang around long, though.

book stand


Here’s a view of the mechanism

book stand ratchet system

6 thoughts on “walnut book stand for sale

  1. Walnut is a beautiful wood to work if you’re not allergic to it…I seem to be allergic, but suffer for the pleasure.

  2. Hi Peter…..Gran Jan here….I know my comment isn’t quite in tune with the beauty of the stand but I COULDN’T have read the 700 page Harry Potter book without ours. The book was so heavy I couldn’t hold it up. The stand was a fantastic addition and still is, to our household.

  3. Indeed, I posted this around my woodworking group. Id buy it myself were it not for the fact Im making one for my folks.

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