no lathe, no problem

My furniture post today is over at Lost Art Press:

I wanted Chris to call it “We don’t need no stinkin’ pole lathe” – he must have missed that note….



3 thoughts on “no lathe, no problem

  1. Awesome. I’ve no lathe and no room for one, so this is perfect, and I secretly like the looks better, anyway. Now all I have to do is find green wood because living in the treeless part of the west, finding green oak of any kind locally isn’t likely to happen unless I sneak onto someone’s lawn in the dead of night and cut down a shade tree. Ever tried to make a stool from green Douglas fir or Ponderosa pine?

  2. I was just doing some research on this very topic, very prescient!

    Peter, I shot you an email on rebated shoulders and standard thicknesses. Had some ideas after looking at a bunch of boxes.

  3. I made my posts like this during the infamous 1991 workshop. I’m uncertain about using a shave to clean up the sides but suppose they might have used such a tool. As opposed to a big slick or something.

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