mortising video from Lie-Nielsen

I just found out this was posted at Lie-Nielsen’s YouTube channel…we shot it in May while I was up in Maine. I first heard of this teaching technique when Roy Underhill collaborated with Frank Klauz at an early Woodworking in America. I wasn’t there, but maybe had seen some video of it. Roy then showed me how to do it the first time I taught at his school. I  did it as a slide-show on this blog I don’t-know-when, so now you get to see it as Conor & crew shot it.

Here it is:


7 thoughts on “mortising video from Lie-Nielsen

  1. I am delighted to hear the news that you are making a video on a joined chest. Make sure you put some footage in there on preparing the stock, like riving and hewing. That is good stuff.

  2. Hi, I think you had a different version of this on your blog before. It is very instructive. I had read directions that said the best way is to nibble down evenly and then go to the final ends last. When I tried your method it is much easier to keep the chisle strait up and down. You are a ntional treasure. Winstonjames

  3. Winston:
    I learned the alternate mortising techniqueit from Peter who learned it from Daniel O’Hagen a wonderful mentor of ours. Peter’s son is named after Daniel. Yes indeed, chop vertical
    chops proceeding doen the height of the mortise. Hold the chisel so that it automatically ejects the chips. This avoids dubbing the mortise ends over. Daniel called this California mortising becaused he learned it from a Californian. I came to use this nifty technique all the time.
    Jennie Alexaner

    • I learned the California method from Daniel in 1978 and promptly changed to that method. Recently I thought to I might ask Daniel’s daughter if she knew who might have shown it to him.


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