last words (hopefully) on tool sales & a joined chest


Sorry to drag out this discussion about selling JA’s tools, but here is one (last) sermon on the subject. First of all, thanks to all regarding the comments, I read every one of them, Alexander did too. we are grateful for your interest in our joinery undertakings. We never could have envisioned twenty+ years ago that it would turn into this.

I never felt that anyone was whining. I read it as a few folks felt they missed a chance, & were offering alternative ideas on how to proceed. I greatly appreciated everyone’s ideas & comments. The general consensus is that the way it has worked is fine. Some feel otherwise, but to my ears, no one came on strong complaining. Mostly I got that people are hip to the idea that we are trying to get these tools out from boxes collecting dust & back into use in woodshops.

I just want to remind everyone to be nice in your comments. I have only deleted one or two comments over 4 years of this blog – but I won’t have folks sniping at each other. There’s plenty of that on the web – we don’t need it here. Green wood, hand tools, furniture history, a few birds & some kid drawings – that’s most of what this blog is about. let’s keep it that way.

Friday June 22 I will post about 8 rabbet planes. All useful, working planes. I’ll probably get the post out in the mid-morning, east-coast-of-America time.

Meanwhile, here is the latest joined chest I just finished last month. Not a copy of an existing chest, but I took my usual liberties with the Devon, England/Ipswich, Massachusetts stuff. Oak & pine.






13 thoughts on “last words (hopefully) on tool sales & a joined chest

  1. Dan, if you move your cursor up over where is says Peter F, Joiner at the top of the page, a menu will drop down with some samples and rough prices of chairs, stools, chests, boxes. The chests start at $5,000.

  2. Greetings, and congratulations on your beautiful chest!

    I looked for a “finishing” tag but didn’t find one. What do you prefer when finishing a piece like this, with such a great amount of detail? Rubbing out the finish on this seems impossible.

  3. I hope you & JA do well is selling the tools.
    I’m sure if those tools could talk, they would thank you being put back in the game.
    The chests are more beautiful examples of your craftsmanship.

  4. Follansbee,

    It’s 30 years now since I first witnessed your handy work when you “opened up” a rabbet with a chisel. Between that and your whale drawings all over the back table I was truly impressed; but at 17, not about to let on.

    Nice! Nothing less than lush and virtuoso! I just want to run my fingers over the carvings – something I took every advantage of in the antigue shops of England. You are a steward as well as an artist …

    Very inspiring indeed…

  5. Hey Peter,
    Sorry to have created a ruckus, certainly not my intention, it was meant only as an idea to consider, not a complaint, gripe or otherwise For those who enjoy wrapping up their shop day reading about this, it is, of course disappointing to feel like you missed an opportunity when you see everything sold in 20minutes, but we all know the realities of life, (yours as well as our own). I certainly appreciate that you took the time to think on it and even open the discussion to the community, unpleasant as some of the commentary may have been. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate the work, and the service you do.

  6. Hi, I wish to thank you for controling your blog in a constructive, and positive fasion, thank you for the high quality of your blog

  7. hi i was wondering why when you click on the picture in this post, they a different than in the other pictures on the website. i liked the way you posted the other picture because they were so big that i could see your toolmarks, and the new ones are just regular sized. is there a way to zoom in on them or something

  8. Geez…remind me never to try and sell my used brushes on the blog ! But now, after spending a half hour catching up on yours… I gotto go make some shavings !

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