such a long, long time to be gone…and a short time to be there.

I’m back from a great trip to Maine.

Rockport, ME


Then, because there’s nothing like raking light…I kayak-ed into an Edward Hopper painting – (thanks, Ted D.)

lighthouse trip


here’s my best shot of the week:

best of about 700 shots


Here’s a link to some shots from the Lie-Nielsen workshop. As always, folks there were great.


more stuff from Maine, and more woodworking to come. Home now for 5 or 6 weeks. whew.






7 thoughts on “such a long, long time to be gone…and a short time to be there.

  1. Super cool Follansbee, super cool. You’re an embarassment of riches you aesthete you. The Hopper- Homer pic, along with our feathered friend is an absolute corker. One in 700 isn’t bad, most of us will go the better part of a lifetime to come up with a photo on par.
    As always, thanks for sharing.

    • Ahh. Scott -= you’re being kind. Such a gentle re-direct. I knew I meant Winlsow Homer, but I kept saying Edward Hopper. It’s not like it’s Nighthawks or something…

      • … either works, and as a Dutch friend put it so poignantly, “You know what I meant.” Your photos are as inspiring as your carving. The fact that you make them appear effortless is all the more impressive.

  2. Great shots as always, Peter. The picture of the osprey is epic! Maybe Chis would consider publishing a book of all your great birding shots. :)

  3. Very cool osprey shot. I pass two osprey nest on my bike ride home from work and this time of year hear their calls as I pass by. Its amazing to me that they’ve been able to coexist with neighborhoods and urban industrial areas.

  4. Peter,

    Your photography skills are on equal footing with your carving skills!!! Outstanding to say the least. As was the “Box of Rain” reference. One of my personal favorites.

    Thank you for letting us see ALL of your talents!


  5. Hey Peter, As I was passing the Lie-Neilsen shop two days after you had gone I saw a big mature bald eagle fishing in the marsh about 100 yards south of where you were and close to US 1. I’m glad you got the osprey anyway. A pleasure meeting you and after my practise stool I’m looking forward to a true riven project.
    Bill Wasson

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