joined chest work

I have not had much action here on the blog in recent weeks – but I have been woodworking. Just haven’t got photos shot, and most of my posts stem from photos. Slowly I’ll get back in the swing of things; but it is May, that means birding gets much attention…

I have been carving a bunch of oak for some joined chests I am building – here’s a detail of the outline for one panel.


carving underway

This chest is pretty small – about 40″ wide across the front. Here’s the frame, test-fitted, with one panel to go.

frame test fitted

This chest has been here in process –

At the same time I am making an all-carved chest; here is its front frame cut & fitted, with a side frame begun –

carved chest

This chest has also made an earlier appearance:

See – that’s the trick about the blog. I tell the whole story eventually, but not in sequence. I’ll save doing it in order for a book…

I’ve been reading some blogs lately too – Rick McKee keeps making the carpenters’ blog from Plimoth better & better

and I don’t miss a post from Louise either

Education is a big issue in our house these days too – so I try to keep up with Doug Stowe – but he writes a lot, and it’s all  very good stuff.

this past winter, Doug included a great clip of a lecture by Roy Underhill – pardon me for swiping it – but here goes. It’s long, 18 minutes, but you have 18 minutes. watch it. Roy is teaching many disciplines in this clip – some you don’t even notice.


7 thoughts on “joined chest work

  1. Hi Peter, I saw your program with Roy Underhill, I got the link from Jogge Sundquist, on face book. Relly cool, I learned some new cuts, and I have been making some frames, with mortice and tennon joints. I remember seeing the photo’s of the way you dig out the middle , It really worked for me. Thank You. Winston James Birchill

  2. Well I didn’t have 18 minutes to spare but I watched that Underhill video anyway–that man is born to teach! But then, the same could be said for you, Mr. Follansbee. Mother Nature was a trooper to hang in there while Roy chopped. Thanks for the shout out and for doing what you do! (PS: What was all the writing on Underhill’s hickory handle? Did you sign it for him??)

  3. Thanks for sharing Roy’s great presentation. After watching you and Roy wield your instruments of destruction my attention and understanding of grain patterns and the physics of the wood I work has improved dramatically. I’m more likely to shoot a hand plane across a board than hew a log but this enlightenment has improved my process and results remarkedly so.

  4. “See – that’s the trick about the blog. I tell the whole story eventually, but not in sequence. I’ll save doing it in order for a book…”

    —by then all the good oaks will be cut Peter! Hurry lol

  5. I always coveted a Dedham-Medfield chest. But have nowhere to put one even if I could afford it. Struggling to finish a Boston William & Mary easy chairs article for Beckerdite. Almost done.

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