To paraphrase Groucho Marx, the other morning I shot this great blue heron in my pajamas….

I first visited this house about 13 years ago; and looked out the window & saw this view:


It was summer, not the early spring of that photo – but on the riverbank is a pole standing upright – and on it at that time was a kingfisher. Found one there the other day too

Kingfisher, female

Today my wife called down from upstairs, “there’s an egret in the river!” – so I bopped my head out the window, and all I could see was a yellowlegs – I can never tell if they’re greater or lesser yellowlegs…


So I kept yelling upstairs, “it’s not an egret – it’s a shorebird” …then the egret strode into view.

It was here all day; even stayed for lunch

Another view (I took all these pictures, got to do something with them)

Every year I re-tape the stick to the pole that’s driven into the bank.


I’ll get back to posting some woodsy stuff. I have lots of ideas lately just not much time. Off to Roy’s soon, & there’s always something going on there.





2 thoughts on “yardbirds

  1. I don’t suppose the house next door is for sale………… ?

    and greetings from the United Kingdom…………

  2. “Every year I re-tape the stick to the pole that’s driven into the bank.”

    LOL! Seems like you could do something a bit more joiner-y. A wooden U-bracket, held with a tusked mortise and tenon — somehow? ;)


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