Open Make a Joint Stool from a Tree


Last week Chris Schwarz showed us a nifty method of working the spine of the Joint Stool book – he had a short video showing how to ease each signature of the book open…

But he just sat on the edge of his couch & tore into the shrinkwrap with his bare hands. Seems a little devil-may-care to me…I like to approach these things with some thought to posture and stance. So I shot my own homemade video showing how I prefer to open the shrinkwrap on Make a Joint Stool from a Tree…

thanks to Bartibogue for shooting it.

14 thoughts on “Open Make a Joint Stool from a Tree

  1. Hi, Peter thank you for your book, I am bearly able to part with it to eat or sleep. Thank you. Winston James Birchill

  2. I loved the video, too bad you destroyed the book in the process.. At least they were able to save your finger with the cup of ice as it is difficult to turn pages without an index finger.

  3. I finally got my book after some issues with shipping. So excited. Thank you. Can’t wait to read and make an attempt. :)
    Megan (kitchen girl)

  4. Great video! Too late to open your book correctly, but now I have the technique for all future ones!!! Excellent book Peter, really have enjoyed reading it and learning from it.

    • Back when we were kings of the world – we could do whatever we wanted. I remember seeing Pret cut Paula’s hair on that chopping block – like an edge-tool William Tell. Now, any hatchet work is clandestine. Nah…not really, it was my copy of the book.

  5. I love it! I also realize that my use of a sharp pocket knife for that kind of work is now looking kind of effete. Also, that I need to sharpen my hatchets!

    • Yes, I used my pocketknife to open my copy, though had I seen this video first, I definitely would have used my hewing hatchet to do the job. I suppose a drawknife would have been appropriate as well, though a mite awkward unless one could fix the book in the jaws of a shaving horse. I just hope nobody tries to use a froe for the job. That would almost certainly mangle a page or two.

  6. You had me on the edge of my seat. I really thought you were going to come down with a mighty swing and sever the plastic without harming the book! Oh well, the book itself is impressive enough.

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