the cleaver the kids used to split pins

Simple post tonight – folks asked about the cleaver my kids were using to split pin stock last week.

It’s made by Wisconsin blacksmith Tom Latane; it was given to me many years ago by Jennie Alexander. Here it is:

cleaver by Tom Latane

and the view showing the spine:

and Tom’s mark on this one:


It works perfectly. Does exactly what it is meant to do, and beyond that is a treasure – wonderful workmanship as always from Tom. See his website here:


Thanks to Jennie for the gift. Thanks to Tom for the craftsmanship.

One thought on “the cleaver the kids used to split pins

  1. The knife Peter shows here can be purchased for a reasonable price. Look it up on web under hacking knife. Peter could you post a close up of the modern Bohle American hacking knife I also sent you? See Fig. 4.43 in Make a Joinf Stool from a Tree. As you know I always try to suggest reasonably priced alternatives.This is not to criticize Tom Latane’s work. It is first rate but will be somewhat costly.

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