Make a Joint Stool from a Tree…soon

Today is February 25th, the Lost Art Press website says that free shipping on orders of the joint stool book end on February 27th.

So if you haven’t ordered the book yet, and want to save a few dollars …order in the next couple of days.

then go get a log…

scoring the end grain

4 thoughts on “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree…soon

  1. I’ve already ordered the book, even though I live in an Oak deprived part of the country (Montana). Do you give suggestions in the book as to other woods that will work. I can get green Ash and of course Pine.


  2. It reminds me of a Super Troopers quote ‘I AM freaking out, MAN’. I cannot wait to get my mitts on this book – beyond excited.

    Now do a Book tour and hit Atlanta! We have little culture, but much food, beer and Oak. I missed Chris Schwarz at Woodcraft last week due to work blowing up, but this would more than make up for it.

    Congratulations on getting the book out,

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