Horror Vacui

stamped impression in oak

I just about never sign my furniture. Last summer I got this name stamp from Peter Ross http://peterrossblacksmith.com/  and have been trying that out on a few pieces. My name is pretty long, so I have to hit it hard!  https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/my-name-in-lights-almost/

For the insane tool chest project, I opted for an exception, and signed it as part of the decoration.

Painting this thing has taken a life of its own.  I keep finding things to add here & there.

A pair of these pinwheels flank the name section; but polka dots to follow…

It truly is becoming a case of horror vacui – the fear of an open space. Soon it will be filled, or the hinges will be done. then I’ll be finished.

2 thoughts on “Horror Vacui

  1. Peter, Allow me to submit a vote for the filling in of the remaining open spaces. I’m sure in a few years when it has the bumps and scrapes of your shop it’s going to look even better. WIA 2012: Paint a Tool Chest with Peter Follansbee!
    I also like the way my name looks in that gothic type…

    Thanks for these tool chest posts, I am enjoying them very much.

    Peter P. from Long Island

    • Oh, and I ordered your book from LAP, can’t wait to get it!
      What a great time for hand tool woodworking – like the ’70’s all over again.

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