first strokes with a plane

To be able to plane boards all day, you need the right posture and grip:

put your body into it

And you need to follow through:

finish the stroke

(Daniel said he had used a plane before, but never one with a blade in it. I gave my kids some trashed wooden-bodied planes to play with a couple of years ago…after taking the irons out. And while I had fun with my 6-yr old the other day, it was just one-on-one, Rose was elsewhere. I don’t have the nerve the Bickford family has: )

4 thoughts on “first strokes with a plane

  1. That’s awesome, Peter! I can’t wait for my little boy to be old enough to join me in the shop! Some day….


  2. I’ve started my son on a hammer. And working on following the rules of the shop. Once we get that we’ll be working on other tools. First project is going to be a tool box to store his tools he’ll be getting. (simple nailed box to start, and he can nail it together)

    He’s four now, so it’s small steps at first.

  3. I remember holding those long strong fingers when he was a brand new human and wondering what they would manage to make in his life…but he was bald then.

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