slow going on the paint work

Boy am I glad I’m a carver, not a painter. This takes forever.


I can't believe how long this takes


but it’s getting closer. I decided to leave the ends of the chest plain. I mixed a thin yellow ochre paint for them; and have been adding more & more detail to the front & lid. I hoped it would be one more session – but I bet it’s two. Some more details in black coming up next, as well as some painted turnings between the drawer fronts.

yellow ochre on the ends

But there’s been good ducks around Plymouth this week. It took a few tries, but my friend Marie & I found the ruddy ducks today, sleepy as all get-out…

Ruddy ducks

I have only seen them in captivity before, at Buckingham Palace’s gardens…so these were my first wild ones. Well, to call them wild is an exaggeration. They barely moved their heads…at one point they sorta bumped into each other, then a two-second kerfuffle, and it was right back to tucking their heads in.

Ruddys awake


here is the male’s summer self, but as I said essentially in a zoo – so only here to show what this duck becomes in spring/summer. But not in the east…

Ruddy duck breeding male

10 thoughts on “slow going on the paint work

  1. Wow – That’s one impressive paint job! With a couple of Cherubs fixed to the lid… I bet you could raise a few eyebrows when pulling out your sharpening stones in a Biblical ‘Ark of the Covenant’ style…

  2. That is beautiful. Your comment about the time kinda begs the question-why did you choose NOT to carve this-change of pace, or would carving take even longer?

    • I mostly use bristle brushes from the art supply store – I am not sure what “decent” means in this case. I have been using about 4 or 5 different sizes. Most are flat & square across, a few are rounds.

  3. You might be glad your not a painter but your doing a mighty fine job there fella. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. You can see the influince of the carving back ground in your painting.
    Regards, Richard

  4. Peter, you inspired me to have a go with grinding my own paints. I did a copy of the Mary Rose chisel handle 82A0978 yesterday and decided the carved design needed highlighting so I got some iron oxide and linseed and had a go. Insignificantly small compared to your chest front, but still a start.


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