another day of painting

well now I’ve done it. I have to get this tool chest painted so I can get on with the rest of my life. But today I painted for about 4 hours or more. And was it tiring! Standing in one position all day. And there’s more to go.  but here’s what I got today.

I marked out some artificial spacing – created “stiles” on the ends of the chest front, and a center muntin. this way it mimics the lid above it.  Then I started outlining the designs for the resulting two panels. I chose to use stuff I know well, that reduced how much head-scratching I had to do…then I outlined the pattern in bone black pigment.

beginning the outline

The pine chest is not primed in any way, so it’s quite absorbent. Helps the paint dry quickly.

well on its way

Then came some yellow ochre, just like I did yesterday.

details & backgrounds


As before, I am figuring this out as I go.  Getting some paint on there helps to see where I have to go next.  There’s a lot of area to cover. Can’t leave anything blank.

the drawers

I knew I wanted fake drawer fronts on the skirt around the bottom of the chest; but I didn’t outline them in black, just scribed them with marking gauge & awl. So I will go back when this dries, and add outlines.

half done

This is the front, about half-done. Gotta figure out the “muntin” for this section; and add some details.  Next week I hope to finish the painting. Then I can start using the chest.

One nice part was standing at the window all day. Saw a red fox scoot by; but the camera was up on the tripod, so no shot of him. He’s a regular – I’ll get him at some point.


12 thoughts on “another day of painting

  1. Very neat. I had never seen or heard of a mahl stick, but as soon as I saw your photos I new I had to start using one. Great work!

    • But if you’ve never heard of “mahl” stick – how did you get the term? I used to use one when I studied (briefly) painting at an easel. But any stick will do…

      • I googled “stick paint hand”… First hit.

        I don’t think I’ll go buying a special stick or anything, but this is a technique I guarantee I’m going to adopt.


  2. Truly awesome. I can’t wait for the finish. Are you using wet or dry pigments and mixing them with BLO? I am no artist but from yesterdays post I get this impression and if so I would like to try it.


  3. What will go over top of the paint? A clear finish of some sort?

    Beautiful work. What would our plain, drab pilgrim ancestors have thought of it? (he asked, running for cover…)

  4. You mention in your last note the paint being pigment and linseed oil – this is plain linseed oil, not the “boiled” stuff?

    Really loving this work. It really strikes me for some reason. I want to see everything painted like this now!

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