Sometimes the light’s all shining on me…

Here’s some carvings for a box I have started. It’s mill-sawn white oak;  approx dimensions are  H: 9″  W: 24″ D: 14″.

This is the side of the box – a pattern I first carved in 1998 or so. I’m still tinkering with it. In this case, I think there’s too much background – next time I carve this design on a large scale like this, I’ll put more elements in the pattern.


Here on the box front, you can see the different effect when you have less background. This design is visually more engaging than the previous one.


and then there’s lighting. depending on how the light hits things, you get a different effect. Here, with just a bit of light raking across the carving, the work seems to have much more depth than it really does.


I sometimes notice this sort of effect in the house on sunny winter days…that low winter light can really play some fun games across the carved works. It often catches me by surprise…





5 thoughts on “Sometimes the light’s all shining on me…

  1. I’ve been following your carving intently and really appreciate what you have been sharing with us. What first got my attention was your use of color,especially the deep reds and blacks on one of your chairs. Can you give us more detail on when, where, why and how you achieve these stunning results. It strikes me that this use of color, especially in the dark houses of the period, is probably more authentic that what we are used to seeing.

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