winding down 2011

If you live in American with two small kids; then this is a busy time of year! I hope whatever holidays folks celebrate have been good ones. Thanks to all for reading & commenting this year.


Lots to come in 2012; first up is a bit of reworking on this blog. That’s underway now, there should be links at the top of the screen to take you to pages about my work…ultimately I am letting my website expire. No sense keeping that running if I don’t update it. So its content will move over here.

Meanwhile, early winter often means waxwings around here, feasting on holly berries with large flocks of robins.

cedar waxwings in holly

I got a bit of woodworking in today, when the pictures are sorted, then I’ll have some oak to look at…

Happy Holidays



6 thoughts on “winding down 2011

  1. And from a new follower of your blog: thanks for posting your work in such details. Very interesting to me. Happy new year to you and family.

  2. Have a very Happy and safe New Year. Was reading a 1960 copy of the Woodworker earlier. There is an article on a 17th Century Church Chest; with iron banding, split lid with locks. I worked at a school where from 1680 onwards any profits were lodged in such a chest in the porch of the church…Bob

  3. Peter, hope you and you family had a wonderful holidays and all the best in the coming new year!

    Thanks for all your efforts documenting what you do!

    Bill R.

  4. Hi Peter – Many thanks for taking the time to share. Looking forward to the new book and future blog posts in 2012. You have inspired me to try Riven Oak & Walnut. Happy New Year.


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