box classes in 2012

I have been busier than I want to be this time of year; trying to finish up the last bits and pieces that I have kicking around. Soon there will be pictures. Lots of them, but for now, it’s mostly links.

In the meantime, anybody want to make a carved box next year?

new carved box

I have been trying to suss out the schedule for 2012. Here’s two workshops in which we’ll make a typical carved oak box.

April at Roy’s place:

And July I’ll be at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. This will be my first time there, & I’m really looking forward to it.

there’s also a weekend class in carving at Lie Nielsen’s toolworks;  I’ll do a separate post on that later.

Last weekend, I was at one of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events, at Phil Lowe’s Furniture Institute of Massachusetts. Steve Branam covered the gig in detail, so see his post, as well as Tico Vogt’s:

Now this weekend, I will go to Maine to be a part of their Open House in Warren, see details here:

But if you can’t get to make it to one of these events, don’t despair – Jeff Burks goes to tons of them, & shoots more photos than you can shake a stick at… thanks, Jeff.



8 thoughts on “box classes in 2012

  1. Hi Peter, Do you ever teach classes at your shop in Plimoth Plantation?
    If not, I would love to make the trek up to Maine to take your carving class at Lie Nielsen’s. Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Hi Peter!

    Well, time to start begging the wife again! Out of curiosity, is there a book/DVD in the offing for your carved box? Might be a great follow-up to your bench project…I’m just saying!


  3. Peter,
    What do you do with rived wood that is slightly twisted?
    Do you get down to size and straighten by steam or weight it?
    I’m having a hard time getting hold of decent straight wood.
    PS I would love to take your class, but my wife still has no work.
    Any room for trades or scholarships?

    • I am not Peter, but I have had success by putting it in the microwave, if it is short enough, and heating it for a short time (you do not want to scorch it) – maybe 30-60 seconds or so; green wood heats up quickly. Put one end in a vise, put a clamp on the free end and twist. I have straightened riven chair rung material (black oak) this way. This is easy to try if material is short enough to fit. Steam box should also work, but I have not tried that.
      Larry Barrett

    • Rick

      I am Peter. SLIGHTLY twisted wood, I hew away the irregularities; and proceed with planing. the other ideas, weights, microwaving, etc. are out of my league. I don’t have the time nor patience for this level of experimentation….I keep looking for straighter timber.

      as far as deals on classes, those aren’t up to me, but to the hosting schools. So you’d have to contact them and see. I can relate to being out of work, my wife hit the 3-yr mark since her job evaporated.

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