a couple of used books for sale

I have been cleaning again – came up with a few duplicates.

The first one is not a furniture book, but a study of sources for decoration in the 16th & 17th centuries in England. Anthony Wells-Cole, Art and Decoration in Elizabethan and Jacobean England (Yale University Press, 1997) Great condition, hardcover. $65.

Here’s some inside:

one more:

Next ones are either all or mostly furniture.

First of this batch is American Furniture 1998 – The Chipstone journal, edited by Luke Beckerdite. This one has articles by me and Trent on 17th-century chairs. $40.  SOLD

American Furniture, 1998

This one is a used copy, somewhat worn but still intact & all there. Brian Cullity, A Cubberd, a joyne stool & other small things: Material Culture of Plymouth Colony. An exhibition catalog from 1994 in Heritage Plantation in Sandwich Mass. Better condition these start around $60 on the web. This one’s $45.  SOLD

Plymouth Colony exhib

Here’s an inside view:

Here’s the best furniture book in this lot:  This one’s in great shape, un-used. Robert Blair St. George, The Wrought Covenant: Source Material for the Study of Craftsmen and Community in Southeastern New England, 1620-1700. A must-have for anyone interested in 17th-c furniture of New England. $150.  SOLD

Wrought Covenant

The prices include shipping in the US. Elsewhere, shipping’s extra, on you. I’ll be in the shop today, so away from my desk, so send a comment here, and/or an email – first come, etc. Email is peter.follansbee@verizon.net

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