I have been busy trying to finish a few projects, and a little book I’m working on…so not much time for photos, etc. I have taken some time here & there to make some small boxes that now hold miscellaneous junk that collects around the shop. The one above is made of some practice pieces I did a few years back when I was trying to learn chip carving. The box is butternut, riven & planed. the lid & bottom are white pine.

The designs are totally random in this case; I was really just trying out knives & cuts.  I had no intention of making anything from these. But after them kicking around the shop for 2 years, I decided to make a box from them, no sense just having them loose…


The hurricane that swept through New England a month or more ago left some nice spoon wood behind. I haven’t got too far on that stuff, but I have a few of them underway.

This batch of finished & unfinished spoons  has cherry, lilac, sycamore (planetree), rhododendron and maybe birch too.  The cherry, lilac & sycamore are from the storm; the others have been around a while.

so I file this stuff under “things I did when I should have been doing something else…”



9 thoughts on “avoidance

  1. Did i hear you say… BOOK..!! :)
    What BOOK… Give us a hint… he he he…
    I have your DVD’s…. So a book would be great also…. Signed of course :)

  2. Rhododendron is a very traditional spoonwood, so I would question its harmful effects. Maybe it’s especially toxic if you eat the spoon.

    I love the spoons, Peter. Especially the way the grain flows right up through the bowls of the spoons. And the chip carving is perfect for that box. I love how the three large gouge chip cuts at the end of the top also serve as a grip to pull the top open. Inspiring work as usual.


  3. Lovely box. Butternut is one of my very favorite woods so it’s nice to see it used to such good effect. I’ve never seen chip carving done in this wood. It has a very warm appearance!

  4. My word. your practice pieces are astounding. Thanks for the follow i think i’ll be learning a lot from your work!

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