shorebirds, not oak

Now that summer is over, it’s time to go to the beach…sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I did go there in summer, but only because of the kids. Otherwise, I keep away until the hot weather & crowds are gone. Then I head over there every chance I get. I like to walk the outer end of Plymouth Beach, there’s an afternoon each week when I take the kids to school, then have a few hours to myself. That’s rare. So it’s been off to the beach for a nice 2-hr walk…

In the fall it’s a great place for migrating shorebirds. Often by the thousands… here’s a few.

Saw this sanderling today, got him with his mouth full

Among the late-comers are the dunlin, and I saw a few of them today. First batch I’ve seen this fall.

some more shots, below is one from one of the overcast days last week. There was one day so foggy I couldn’t see more than 30 feet ahead…it was great out there, no people,  just sand, fog, waves & birds.

here’s the map, showing plymouth beach extending south to north, and out further is Duxbury beach doing just the opposite. You might have to click the map to get rid of the text window laid on top of it…

6 thoughts on “shorebirds, not oak

  1. Your latest came in as I was ordering your latest video from Lie-Nielson. I had preordered it at his Newport show so this was really a confirmation. If it is as good as your first CD, I am sure to like it. I enjoy your frequent posts and pix.

  2. Thanks Peter,
    My wife and I often plan trips around birding. Looks like another one to add to our must see trips.

    George Walker

  3. Wow. I say again, Wow. I am seriously brought back to my childhood on Long Island. Even your previous post of the remains of a dolphin, reminding me of the connection between sentient species (by which I mean dolphins and whales, not dolphins and men) is a flash back. I’m thinking a move to the Plymouth area may be in the future. All that water, all that sand. All those birds. I agree, off season is always the best. Just don’t step on a pop top. Sorry, I just dated myself.

  4. Peter, If you didn’t tell us that the beach was Plymouth Beach I’d say it was Scarborough and Pine Point beach in Maine an easy stop on your way up to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks..say they got a lot of those one legged birds up there too…


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