New DVD on 17th-c New England carving



Funny how things work. I shot my 2nd DVD with Lie-Nielsen last winter, then in March started talking to Chris Schwarz about publishing the joint stool book.

So the book really took over my thoughts, and I almost plumb forgot about the video on carving…almost.

But it’s now out, and I hope folks will like it. In it, I concentrate on just one motif, the S-scroll. I have used this pattern so many times in a great variety of ways, that I felt it was worth exploring a whole disc with just that design.

You’ll see how I lay out the patterns, sometimes with a compass, sometimes just freehand with the gouges. Often a combination of those methods. After cutting a few variations, then I show how to combine them to make panels like those found in chests and boxes. When I was outlining this project, I counted ten variations on the S-scroll in my house!

It’s 100 minutes; and there are some things on the disc to view on a computer; finished carvings, a few period examples that I have studied closely, and some layout diagrams.

To order,  you can either go to Lie-Nielsen or order it from me. For now, I haven’t updated my website, so no Paypal at this point. If I keep on selling them, then I’ll fix up the website. Thus, I plan on doing this the old-fashioned way. If you’d like to order from me, put a check in the mail.

Here’s the details:

$25 & $5 for packaging/shipping in US.  So $30 made out to

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd

Kingston MA 02364

email me with any questions. Peter.Follansbee (at)

5 thoughts on “New DVD on 17th-c New England carving

  1. No paypal? Consider it Peter….makes life a lot easier. I converted a few years ago and its made life a lot easier.

    • I am about mid-way through my first joined chest (couldnt have done it without your blog and Alexander’s input)…..and I look forward to carving. This video is well timed ! Thanks greatly

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