stools and tables

joined stool, red oak


This is one of the joined stools I have around the house and I had it out the other day to make some notes  for the book – and Rose did this drawing of it:

Maybe she’ll be the next Eleanor Underhill.

I got a question last week about a trestle table that I made. Here’s the table first of all:

more pictures of it here:

The question was about the stock, and in this case it’s sawn oak, not riven. I forget off the top of my head the dimensions of this stuff, but they are in the range of maybe 3 x 5s – something like that.  For a table with riven stock for the framing, here’s our kitchen table:

It’s oak for the framing parts, with a white pine top. The top is 2 boards, edge-glued together. Then the whole top is pinned to the stiles and rails. the top is about 41″ x 67″ and it is never really that clear of stuff.

the stiles are 3″ squares, and the aprons are 4 1/2″ high and maybe about 1 1/4″ thick,  or so. The end stretchers are thick as well, and because I used a central stretcher,  they need to be a little more carefully squared than some.  Here’s the apron and a bracket. It had brackets on the long sides, but they got in the way, so I removed them.

so there. Now you can go rive a table, it’s like a joined stool, but no angles.


3 thoughts on “stools and tables

  1. Peter:
    Your execution of the William Savel pattern on the apron of the above stool is restrained, certain and graceful. It is a delight to see you gracefully pass me by, of course not always, but most of the time.

  2. Peter:

    One of those shots shows the underside (your kitchen table) of the pine boards to have a heavy trough, like that of a fore plane.

    Perhaps a silly question, but in the examples that you have studied, are they too left in a rougher shape…. or does it vary?


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