the news is out…all over town

well, there you have it.  I have been kinda busy lately, thus not much action on the blog. But Alexander & I both think you’ll like the joined stool book. Finally.

adjusting joined stool assembly


Now you can go over to Chris’ site to see why.





9 thoughts on “the news is out…all over town

  1. Mr. Follansbee:-

    Very happy to hear the news about the book. Thank you for all the work you and Alexander do, and for sharing your knowledge with us. Looking forward to the book.

    -Nathan W.

  2. Well I’ll be thrilled to see it finally appear, although to my knowledge it was TWO decades in the making. I recall you both came to Winterthur to see the Jaques stool like about 1992? 1993?

    • Trent…at least 20 years. but that’s nothing to be crowing about! Yes, it was way back at Winterthur. Plus, what year did you take the class? It was before my museum gig began & that was 1994.

      anyway, we are thrilled to be getting it out the door. stay tuned.

  3. I am eagerly awaiting the book, but wondering if there are parts of it dedicated to the absolute basics. If not, could you suggest a resource for the simple things like how to use a side axe?

    • Arminius: the book is intended to take you from soup to nuts, whatever that means. It will include how to use the tools, esp the hatchet, riving tools, planes, etc. Not to worry. it’s in there.

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