trestle table done

Tough thing for me to photograph, I really am not set up for shooting large stuff…

For a plain Jane table, I semi-like this one. here’s a few views of it. Oak & pine, how can you go wrong?

Here’s the chamfer on the upright and the long rail:

the pine top, made of two boards that each taper some in width. Ship-lapped, or rabbeted to each other. Then nailed down to the frame.

and the end pieces, often called “breadboard” ends, but I don’t know what that really means. I don’t call them anything, some call them “clamps”


that’s it for now.

8 thoughts on “trestle table done

  1. Peter,
    Did you peg the stretcher to the legs and also the feet to the legs?

    Side question.
    Do you apply finish to the interior of the bible box?

  2. A lot of cutting boards for the kitchen had these ends to cover up the end grain to reduce moisture uptake into the wood. Just one man’s opinion.

    John from WV

  3. I’m a sucker for trestle tables. That one looks great. I admit it’s kind of funny hearing you say a project is done and there’s no carving on it. That stretcher just screams for one of your box patterns along the length of it.

  4. The nine-footer I made with Jennie Alexander 15 years ago has turned balusters under the top between the trestles, wedgs in the rail, and cleats on either side of the trestle heads to hold it in place. I think we nailed clamps on the ends but made the holes for the nails wider on the inside edges of the clamps so the top can expand and contract.

  5. Peter, the oak that was used, was it hewn in the normal fashion for your work? Also, was that white oak?

    The joints on the legs, are they draw bored? It is hard to tell.

    I must admitt, I am totally enamoured with this table. It is so very simple, almost plain, but the oak makes the table.

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