2 recent projects

I didn’t have a chance for photos yesterday at the shop. So little to add today. But I finished one of two wainscot chairs I have underway. This one is an amalgamation – the client had a poor photograph, so I had to cobble together several patterns, etc to come up with a chair. I prefer to copy an  existing artifact, but there you go.


I plan on getting some proper photographs of this and the next one soon.

Here’s the rear view of the chair


Also finished a trestle table recently, oak & pine. So I’ll really have to spread out to get some pictures.

9 thoughts on “2 recent projects

  1. Fun looking chair! The dolphins on the top are interesting….is the client a Navy submariner by chance?


  2. Hi Peter, the chair is outstanding. When I show the picture to my Dad, an old submariner, he will want one I am sure. About the table, is the top pine? Are the breadboard ends oak or pine? What is the dark strip that we see on the underside of the top?

  3. the table is oak, with a pine top. the top is two boards, I think rabbeted side-by-side. the dark strip underneath is a shadow, from the two boards being different thicknesses. I only dressed them down where they hit the tops of the trestles. Otherwise, they run wild underneath. there are wrought nails driven down through the top into the oak supports. I’m going to photograph it in detail soon, so it will re-appear on the blog one of these days. the cleats at the ends are also pine. The tabletop has a full-width tongue cut on it, and a groove in the inner edge of the cleat/clamp/breadboard end, whatever it’s called. I bored holes thru the result, and drove small square wooden pins in as well.

  4. Looking at these beautiful pictures and particularly seeing the back of the chair got me wondering, do (or did) jointers ever decorate the backs of pieces? The fronts are so ornate, so why not the backs?

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