back from Roy’s

I’m back from the Woodwright’s School. It was a great week-plus; five days of teaching how to make a joined stool, then a weekend in TV-land. As I write this in southeastern Massachusetts this morning, it’s 63 degrees Farenheit; essentially 40 degrees cooler than some afternoons at Roy’s!

But we had a great class – even in that heat they took to splitting open a very large red oak – we busted it up into parts for about 11 or more stools. Here’s a view of some of the hewing work done out at the “woodsy” satellite of the school.


hewing in the heat

Then I thought the students would all want to fold for the day, but we had 2 hours left, so they took the stuff into the school & started in planing the stock.


planing in the AC

Roy was all over the scene, here he is tuning up some turning tools out in the shade. The school is, as many of you either know or have heard, smack in the midst of downtown Pittsboro, so there’s lots of foot traffic and rubbernecking going on. And Roy can draw them in…


sharpening in the shade

In the window are two Barnes treadle lathes; late-19th/early 20th-century jobs. They were lots of fun, and most everybody took a shot at them. Here’s Roy showing us the ropes.


Barnes lathe


window turning

Long about mid-afternoon one day, he came by to check on the condition of Mike’s mortises.



There’s more. Soon.


5 thoughts on “back from Roy’s

  1. Hi. I really want to get down to Roy’s to take a class. I’m sure it would be a hoot. I was up at Tiller International that weekend coopering in the same heat. Thanks for another great topic.


  2. It was 39° Celsius in the shade just over 100° F either way it’s cooler than the Boiler Room….Great workshop and time in Pittsboro..


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