Well, it was only a matter of time….

I just came back from the trip to Maine for the 30th Anniversary Open House at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. It was a great 2 days of demonstrations and tools, tools, tools. Lots of folks that I see each time I get together with the LN crowd, both staff  & demonstrators. I first met Thomas Lie-Nielsen back at the Valley Forge Woodworking in America. We talked about hatchets & axes, and ultimately that conversation drifted around to me doing a video on carving with them. I really didn’t think it would fly; I mean, THIS is my favorite plane:

PF plane

Note the excellent repair with a wrought nail:


Here’s my newest plane:

Dutch-style fore plane in ash

Not exactly the tolerances that LN Toolworks is known for. But over the past couple of years, I have come to know the folks there & I really have an increased respect for their company. They make good stuff, in Maine, and get it right into the hands of their customers. Additionally, they have a great dedication to instruction & education. I am quite pleased to be associated with them.


So here’s the kicker – I spent some time at Jennie Alexander’s on my way home from Country Workshops last month, and part of our task that day was sorting some tools. I managed to ferret out a couple for myself, with JA’s blessing. So thanks to JA, these shiny tools were added to my arsenal.

are these for green wood? nope...

I thought I had great restraint back at the Valley Forge show when I bought a few floats for making planes. But once you let these things in the shop, it’s all downhill from there. I weakened and wavered recently, and got a carcass saw for tenon shoulders. It’s not the first, before that I got a thin-plate dovetail saw and some chisels for dovetailing…



Dovetailing? On this blog?


Well, I’ll tell that story later. But  if you enjoyed my struggles with the walnut high chair, stay tuned…

flatsawn walnut boards

Meanwhile, at my house, the most popular Lie-Nielsen plane was this wooden version:

LN wooden plane

Here’s the fliers

Daniel took one right on the noggin

and, thanks to Matt Bickford’s kids, I learned about another great LN product:


3 thoughts on “Well, it was only a matter of time….

  1. Peter
    II am looking at your bench hook in the first photograph.
    it still permanently projects above the bench’s surface. I suggest once more that you chisel a small trench in front of the hook so the toothy critter can be tapped below the surfac avoiding damage to your person or personal property. Though I work at about one-half the speed you do I did the side of my left hand. It hurt, hence the trench.The plane is a gas.

  2. Ah, geesh guys…I would like to have joined ya….lol..get it, joined ya. (Okay, okay, seriously I wish Id known you were in the DC/Balt area Peter. One of these days Ive got to have Jennie scrutinize my work….ironically I was rereading one of Jennies early articles on joining last night.

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