one chest, and some stuff that’s yellow and some that’s not

new chest 2011

I’ve been slogging away at some stuff lately; but nothing Earth-shattering. So for right now, just a few photos of a joined chest I finally finished. It started as a demo for carving one of these panels, then I carved two more for a photo shoot for an article for Popular Woodworking…so once I had the 3 panels, I decided to build a chest to go around them. This one has taken ages, it’s been a “spare time” project. It’s once again derived from the Ipswich,Massachusetts and Devon,England material. I love that carving style. I even carved the end rails; but showed some restraint & left those panels plain.

another view

Here is the interior, showing the till, the pine rear panels & floor. Also, an oak lid. Glued up of three or four radially-split boards. A lot of work to make this lid versus a single-board pine top, but nothing beats the oak lids.


My yard has been busy lately, so I got little done at home. Memorial Day featured things that are yellow. First is a juvenile orchard oriole.

juvenile orchard oriole
the yellow warblers were all over the place, singing their heads off.
yellow warbler
I heard either a car alarm, or a cuckoo off in the distance. Later, the bird showed up, a yell0w-billed cuckoo.  He wasn’t there long, didn’t sing in the yard, and all I got was this photo…
yellow-billed cuckoo

 we had some corn, from goodness-knows-where.

first corn
these yellow roses bloomed
yellow rose
I have heard common yellowthroats in the yard, but haven’t laid eyes on them yet…here’s a female from Marshfield.
common yellowthroat
There were also some things that are not yellow.
female baltimore oriole

Today the kids & I came downstairs and found this dinosaur in the yard. Have to go check the sandpile, to see if there’s eggs laid next to the dumptrucks.

snapping turtle

I thought for a minture that she was headed for the bird bath.

no bath

8 thoughts on “one chest, and some stuff that’s yellow and some that’s not

  1. The chest looks great. I’ve been looking for details on building one of those chests, but haven’t been able to find anything with any detail. You’ve got pieces of it on the blog, but I haven’t seen any book that details out the construction of these.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I think St. George’s 1979 article about Dedham includes the complete layout measurements for a joined chest. Peter I love tis chest and wish I could afford it.

  3. That chest came out beautifully.
    You are one heck of a craftsman, and not a bad photographer either!
    I really enjoy this site.
    Thank you.

  4. We have a pair of yellow warblers nesting right outside the window. I thought they were goldfinches (because I’m bird-ignorant) and your post was our first clue. (Then I saw the both adults together and clearly, neither one was gold.) They’ve got at least three babies, hatched about 48 hours ago. The nest’s about 4′ off the ground, sheltered on three sides by the rhododendron but we’ve got a pretty good view. If you & the twins are free you’re welcome to come have a peek and a playdate. And the Mrs too of course. Thanks for wising me up!

  5. Down here in Connecticut, we had a snapping turtle crawling around my corn furrows and most of the backyard, two days in a row last week. I figured it was a female looking to lay her eggs.

    As always an impressive chest.

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