this is only a test

Not about woodworking – the last post I did generated over 1,000 spam comments for me to deal with…I went in & shut off comments for that post, so now I wanted to see if the problem persists. I wasn’t ready for another woodworking post – so you get to see some birds I caught last week. It was my mother who got me interested in birds; and cedar waxwings were the first birds we ever identified with a field guide, probably 45 years ago…I still have my mother’s copy of Peterson’s guide that we used to find these guys. and waxwings have been a favorite of mine for many years for that reason. PLUS this small flock showed up here on Mother’s Day.

if the spam goes away, it’s back to woodworking after the weekend. fingers crossed.

cedar waxwing



10 thoughts on “this is only a test

  1. Hey Peter,
    Sorry about your spam issue but you had a mild problem compared to Ann Althouse, a political blog i follow. She had a quarter million comments plus a lil note telling everyone her blog no longer existed, she was a little pissed.
    Apparently someone hacked WordPress and created issues, hopefully it’s all better now.

  2. Hmmm, i kinda thought they were all the same, they are different huh. Well , I dont know then, all seemed to get hit at the same time, odd.

  3. Peter, just beautiful pictures!!!! The waxwings are certainly interesting. Thanks for adding some positive to what was a dreary day.


  4. Peter,

    One thing about all this that immediately comes to mind, do you back up your work on this blog? Although I am just a reader of blogs, it’s easy to see they are ALOT of work and if there was a foul up that erased all previous work……..

  5. Peter,

    Need to get you scheduled to a class near the SW shore of Lake Erie in early May. Just spent four amazing days catching early and mid Warbler waves at Magee Marsh. An awesome time.


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