Link to CloseGrain re SAPFM demo

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If you are inclined, Steve Branam has written up a lengthy post about the demo I did for SAPFM last weekend at Phil Lowe’s Furniture Institute of Massachusetts. Many photos, a couple of videos. Thanks to Steve, Phil, Freddy Roman and all who showed up for the day. I appreciate the chance to shed light on the 17th-century work.  


I just copped the above photo from Steve’s site. While you are there, if you haven’t seen his stuff, look it over. He did a similar report from SAPFM last month, visiting Paul Lelito’s bandsaw mill.

Further links, if you missed them before:
Society of American Period Furniture Makers
Furniture Institute of Massachusetts

3 thoughts on “Link to CloseGrain re SAPFM demo

  1. I noticed Blogger was down last night for unexpected maintenance. They apparently hiccupped today and reverted my latest CloseGrain post (and possibly the entire blog) to a version that had not yet been published. I’ve updated it from a version I had left open in my browser, republished it, and tested Peter’s link, though I may still have to reapply a few later edits. I’ve also made a current backup of the entire blog, which I neglected to do after I posted last.

    Always backup your blog! Peter, do you have a complete backup of this blog? The world would be a sadder place if it got wiped out.

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