video of splitting a large oak

Not me tonight, it’s a link that was sent to me by SAPFM member Joe Barry. I did my demo for the Society of American Period Furniture Makers at Phil Lowe’s shop last weekend, and while I was splitting a section of white oak, someone mentioned this Danish project. It’s a very nice short film, most of the sounds are a giant oak busting open, and lots of birds making a ruckus. How can you beat that?


Note that they use a technique taught to me by Jennie Alexander and Drew Langsner; to split the log, first score it along its diameter – in this case they use a wooden beetle driving their axe; Alexander used a large, dull hatchet. I use my wedges, and just tap them along to score the end grain. Really helps get the split started.[0]=oak


6 thoughts on “video of splitting a large oak

  1. That was great, thanks for reposting Peter! Thats a helluva lot of work. Hats off to those guys.

    I agree the “plink” sound is neat to hear when the log is being split. I remember the first time I split a lot, how excited it was….and then that fresh oak aroma wafts up and dances around your nose. My kids think it smells like macaroni and cheese or ketchup!

    I also started using a small wedge to tap in the starting cracks for my wedge or froe. This helps greatly to control the split in most cases.

  2. what a fantastic video – definitely tingle factor. I just love the tools. that guy drilling with a bow….

  3. Awesome! I love the axe, the little wedges leading to bigger wedges, and caulking the planks with tar and oakum. I WILL have to make one of those bow drills. And Peter, it was great to watch you last Saturday at Phil’s, thanks!

  4. Peter,

    That was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before. That is something I would absolutely liked to have done.
    Thanks for sharing.


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