still catching up

raking light

Coming into the shop in the morning before the lights are on is often my favorite view of the place. The raking light coming from the large windows really throws shadows across the carvings.


I’m still in the midst of finishing up leftover projects. The joined chest that I put the floor in recently just needs its hinges attached, and then some photos and it will be done.

In the meantime, I hinged the lid to this white oak carved box – this motif is one I adapted from a piece in an auction catalog. The background of the carving is done in lampblack pigment mixed in linseed oil. The bottom of this box is riven ash, two pieces glued up to form the full depth. The lid is flatsawn white oak, the box carcass is riven white oak.


I framed a trestle table base in red oak last week. Used 3 x 5 sawn stock, just planed it and cut the joinery. Added some stopped chamfers to the parts; now I just need to get some white pine boards to make up the table top. I’m aiming for a top of about 2’ x 7’. Although trestle tables were quite common in the seventeenth century, there are few survivors here inNew England. I’ve seen English ones much more massive than this. Victor Chinnery’s book is still the best source when researching this sort of thing.


In a few weeks, I will be doing a one-day demonstration for SAPFM at Phil Lowe’s Furniture Institute of Massachusetts in Beverly, Mass.  SAPFM is the Society of American Period Furniture Makers – here is their website.  be sure to look at the forum there too. Because my shop is a public place, Phil has been kind enough to let SAPFM use his for the event. Details are here.

 To learn more about Phil’s place, see

A couple of years ago I was at WinterthurMuseumin Wilmington, DE and got a chance to see a preview of an exhibit that is now opened, on Southeastern Pennsylvania Furniture. There’s much in the catalog that doesn’t interest me at all, but there are numerous painted boxes and chests that really hit me right. Some of them remind me of the cupboard I did for the MFA last year, and the related box I made. Kari Hultman has reviewed the book and the exhibition on her blog:

 here’s one of my favorites from the catalog, lifted from Kari’s site



 Now I just gotta find some liriodendron tulipifera and practice some dovetails – just what the web needs, another knucklehead writing about cutting dovetails.

I owe a lot of people answers to questions, I’ll get those done soon…

3 thoughts on “still catching up

  1. “just what the web needs, another knucklehead writing about cutting dovetails.”

    I got a kick out of that, that was funny.

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