kid’s chair(s)

Dug through my files for a picture of a kid’s chair – let’s see…

kid's chair

Whoops – it was a dreadfully slow day in the pouring rain today, this 11-day-old kid was in the Crafts Center for a few visits and kept the museum’s visitors quite enthralled; much more compelling than any old-timey craft junk.  But I really do have photos of the walnut kid’s chair.

really done this time

Got the footboard installed today & applied the first of several coats of linseed oil/turpentine/beeswax. I finally like it more than I thought I would, but like Alexander used to say about white ash, the problem with it is that it’s not oak. so here’s the views. It’s about 37″ high overall, seat height is about 22″ I think. it’s smaller than you might think; someone asked about the wide panel in the back – but it’s only 8″ x 9″ or so. Seat depth is about 10 1/2″. overall width at seat is maybe 20″

walnut high chair, 2011
side view
rear view

13 thoughts on “kid’s chair(s)

  1. Peter,

    Have you always used the formulated finish on all items? I like the deep grain tones that walnut has when finished. Was this commissioned so the reason for using walnut?
    Excellent work.


  2. That looks beautiful.
    I’m interested in your oil/beeswax finish, being a beginner. Is that equal quantities? by weight? guess I melt the wax and add the other ingredients over a very low heat. can I substitute white spirit for real turps?

    • Marianne
      Sorry but you can’t go by me for finishing. I stink at it. I didn’t measure, and just disolved the beeswax in turpentine – no heat. I shaved a mess of it, put it in a glass jar, covered with turpentine & waited about 3 days. then mixed in a bunch of boiled linseed oil. wiped on 3 coats over 3 days, and have been wiping it down for a couple of days since.

      I have no 17th-century precedent for this finish; but being a kid’s chair, I wanted something that would add some resistence to messes. hence the wax.

  3. That chair looks great! Is it a one off design, or have you made others in oak?

    Also, I happen to be in Birmingham UK for a month, I wonder if you know of any good places around here to visit some joined furniture?

    • Phillip
      I made one oak high chair, about 6 years ago. don’t even think I have photos. I don’t know Birmingham, never been. but try Aston Hall and Blakesley Hall – then get out of Birmingham and try country churches. Or Shakespeare’s Birthplace, but there it will be you & thousands of others…

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