what are you doing this summer?

What are you doing this summer? Me, I’m driving a bunch, and flying some…

Country Workshops

 I have two classes in North Carolina this year, the first at Country Workshops from June 20-24th. I’ll be returning there to teach making a carved box again. Last I knew there were still maybe 2 spaces left in this class. I’m very partial to Country Workshops; it’s where I learned much of the woodworking that I know. It’s always a great experience there…Other classes there this summer include two courses in chairmaking, coopering, carved bowls & spoons and Carl Swensson’s Japanese Woodworking… I’ve ranted & raved before about what Drew & Louise Langsner do there, now for over 30 years. Have a look here:  http://countryworkshops.org/

hatchet & plane work

Then I’ll scoot home, work a bit, then go back down south in July for a class at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. This time it’s a joined stool. Lots of mortise-and-tenon work, after we split & plane the stock from a red oak log. It’s my first time at Roy’s new school & I am really looking forward to it. He told me today there’s 3 spaces left, so if you’ve been thinking about it, get crackin’.  http://www.woodwrightschool.com/elizabethian-joint-stool-w-pet/

joined stool
There’s other demo/lecture type things this year, but these are the only hands-on classes that I’ll be doing in 2011. I just wanted to let folks know that there’s only a few slots left at this point – so if you’re thinking about it…think no more, sign up!

5 thoughts on “what are you doing this summer?

  1. Peter,

    I’ve already taken your advice. I just spent last week with Drew & Louise on their Country Homestead.

    This is a wonderful place to learn the craft of Green Woodworking. Drew’s passion for good design and expert knowledge, was truly inspiring for the Welsh Stick Chair I completed.

    Louise’s meals are out of this world, very healthy and satisfying. plenty of time for morning & evening walks.

    This is where folks should take their next class!

  2. is the ads by google part of the new you or is this site becoming corporate. To be honest I was suprised to see the above political agenda posted by a non-comformist such as yourself. Very disappointing. But hey it’s your blog right? By the way all politicians are snakes in the grass even the local ones.

  3. I know the whole rant about ads was atoned for, and I appreciate it. I want to take a moment anyway to clarify for anyone who might still be wondering…

    I have no control whatsoever over what WordPress does to the blog. They have some deal w google ads and that’s just how it is. My blog costs me nothing to post it, until I fill up something like 2 gb of space. Then I’m not sure what I will do.

    I rarely if ever look at the blog from “your” perspective, i.e. the readers. What I see & what you see screen-wise might be different.

    When I did go to the blog to check the ad you mentioned, I saw one about chests of drawers. They change every so often it seems. I would never click on any ad anyway, but that’s just me.

    My blog is about green woodworking, furniture history, hand tools and some birds. That’s pretty much all it will ever be about. You can count on it. You see any other crap, it ain’t me.

    • Thanks Peter, I felt really low after posting my first comment. This is my favorite blog. I love what you do and how you present it. You are the genuine deal and I am so thankful you are understanding as well. In the tradition of a handmade life. PEACE

      AS stated before Drew and Louise are the real deal too.

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