some bowl & spoon work

I haven’t been in the shop much lately, just finished cleaning all that furniture that I mentioned a while ago…

 But I did manage to wrangle some time to work on some of my woodenware projects. I am slower than molasses when it comes to this stuff. So hardly any words, but a bunch of photos.

securing the hewn bowl w holdfast
trimming the "handles" on top
using large shallow gouge w bevel up
paring underside of end grain
detail of underside cuts

Then I got out some rhododendron that got uprooted a month ago. Split some for a large stirring spoon. Here’s some of the knife work.

slicing the handle
shaping the back of the spoon's bowl
hook knife for hollowing

I’ve harped enough about spoons on this blog, recently I have seen lots of spoons on Peter Galbert’s blog. take a look at his stuff


19 thoughts on “some bowl & spoon work

  1. That bowl is going to be beautiful when you are done with it Peter.
    I wish my carving technique was one thousandth as good as yours.
    (just gotta keep practicing).
    Also, the DVD you put out is awesome.

  2. Great photos, Peter. One in-particular makes a strong case for wooden bench dogs. I like that pith-down bowl design as well as the chip carving on the rim.

    Also, thanks for the Link to Peter Galbert’s blog. Incredible spoons he’s got there, and lots of wisdom. Definitely worth a visit.

  3. Agreed, the bowl is looking quite fetching. (I think there’s a pun in there somewhere).

    Peter, I wouldnt sweat the slower than molasses concerns. Ive been trying my hand at pre 19th century coopering with lathe hoops and its not easy. Ive screwed up plenty, shelved the project and returned to it. Speaking of poisonous, when sourcing what I thought was an ideal branch-wood, I accidentally harvested some poison sumac too. It isnt art until you’ve suffered I think.

  4. You would probably die from malnutrition before dying of rhododendron poisioning. If u were spliting a 7ft long 10 inch diameter elm would u use a froe or a splitting wedge. really wanna get this right as I’ll never get a second chance since all the elm got diseased 15 years ago so this wood is extra well seasoned

    • Elm won’t split. period. you can break chunks off of it when it’s totally frozen. these are usually tangential, not radial. but don’t even bother spending your time on it. It is the exception to the rule of ring-porous woods being easy to split.

      • I’m Making D section longbows from it and there r very few woods u can use acer ewe elm. I’ve split chunks of it already quite easily with a maul for firewood don’t think splitting will be the problem its that ive never split anything that length before…

        • James: email me photos of splitting elm in any way. it would be a first. Not sure what country you’re writing from, but the elm in the United States, now mostly gone from Dutch elm disease, does not split. folks won’t even use it for firewood.

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