detail knives

Another extracurricular post this morning. I have been meaning to write for ages about the knives I bought from Del Stubbs

Anyone interested in working spoons will hopefully know about Del’s Pinewood Forge. The website is a treasure trove of ideas, pictures and links. He makes unbelievable knives.

Del Stubbs' knives

I have three knives from Del; two are pictured here. One is this little thin number that I’ve been using for chip carving. Del calls it a detail knife. It’s really an impressive little piece of work.  

Stubbs' detail knife

Here you can see some of the chip carving on this little bowl I’ve been picking away at for ages…

chip carving


The other is a “sloyd” knife; an all-around carving knife that I use for shaping spoons. The perfectly honed and polished blade is like no other.

small sloyd knife

the knives come with nice sheaths, either bark or wood, depending I guess on the knife. Service is quick, price is cheap. what more can you ask?   I haven’t done much spoon work lately; but I did some of the chip carving on the bowl last week. I did see some cherry limbs that came down in a recent storm…might go see if they’re any good…

bowl & knives

Del’s knives are legendary, and for a reason. If you’re in the market, go to the website & see what’s what.

2 thoughts on “detail knives

  1. Yes Del’s spot is quite fine indeed and his knives are special too. Also just a shameless plug for another group of fine knives which can be had from countryworkshops. Nice work Peter.


  2. Just a quick question for you Peter. What type of knife do you recommend for the “roughing in” stage of carving spoons? It looks like you have longer knives for that in some of the pictures on the blog. I’m just getting started with carving and the knife is the first place to start.


    By the way, just received your Joint Stool book and it’s awesome! Gonna start with spoons but sooner or later I’ve got to try a stool.

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