Furniture history books for sale

Sometimes I get asked what my hobby is, because my job is other people’s hobby…but if you are a reader of this blog, then you know it’s birdwatching. So now it’s time for a new lens for my Nikon. Thus, some books for sale. These are furniture history books, not how-to books. Folks who have an interest in furniture styles and history will enjoy these books. They are extra copies that I have collected over the years; I used to pick them up when I saw them at reasonable costs; but I don’t really need so many multiple copies of things. Most of these, I already have two copies, a shop copy and house copy.

All are in good condition, a few have never been opened. I looked at prices on the web, and then just rounded these a bit to simplify. Anyone interested can email me & we can figure out details. I can take paypal, once I remember how to do it. Or a check. Shipping will be extra, especially for the Lockwood volumes.


Luke Vincent Lockwood, Colonial Furniture in America, 2 vols; 1913 edition. This one was a library copy, so not pristine, but still quite sound and in good condition. these are large volumes, 10 1/2″ x 13″.  Along with the likes of Wallace Nutting, Lockwood is an important part of furniture history studies. $60 for the set. Shipping to be determined, these volumes weigh 17 lbs.  – SOLD

American Furniture volumes

I have several extra copies of American Furntiure – the journal I wrote about here

I’ll just list the years I have; I am charging $40 for each, plus $5 shipping in US. Pretty much an average price; some go higher on the web, none much lower. –

1997 – issue focus is on Southern Furniture

1998 – 2 copies, one un-opened. Includes me on a three-legged joined chair, and Trent on turned chairs from Plymouth Colony.

1999 – 2 copies. An issue devote to furniture from Rhode Island.        1 SOLD, 1 FOR SALE

2000 – has an article about 17th-c Salem, Massachusetts furniture. Great photos of the group of cabinets from that shop.

2001 – has 60-page article by Bob Trent, Alan Miller & Follansbee on joined cupboards of Essex County.

2008 – unopened. has an article by Trent, Follansbee & Alexander on post-and-rung chairs. SOLD

One more, a real kicker. Robert Blair St. George, The Wrought Covenant: Source Material for the Study of Craftsmen and Community in Southeastern New England 1620-1700, (Brockton, Massachusetts: Fuller Art Museum, 1979)

Wrought Covenant

This one has been my house copy for years, a little wear on the spine & back cover. Inside is tight and fine shape. I have a real beat-up copy in the shop, but my wife has a perfect copy that I have absconded. Hence this is extra. Exhibition of 17th-century furniture from southeastern Massachusetts. great great stuff in this book. Still the best treatment of Plymouth Colony furniture. $145 & $5 shipping, total $150 in US.  – SOLD

If anyone is interested, email me. If any of the books sell, I’ll update this post, so the list will be current.

2 thoughts on “Furniture history books for sale

  1. dear Mr Follansbee, what is the best way to contact you to ask you for advice on the construction methods of an interesting hybrid 17th c Native American-English piece of early furniture (a sort of case of drawers + bible box)? I am not a furniture person but an archaeologist, and this piece is very unusual. many thanks, Giovanna Vitelli

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