one more diversion

I really was planning on some woodworking material here this week, but today I got to the shop & my batteries were dead in the camera, & I had forgot to charge the backup…

Even so, I got little done in that vein anyway; because there are bald eagles on the Eel river next to the museum…so I spent much time with binocs watching three juveniles come back & forth to the widest part of the Eel river. (Whoops, did I just say I got little done at work today? Hope the bosses don’t read this)

there’s always open water here, so when the lakes & ponds are frozen over, it’s a good chance there’ll be eagles here. Saw one adult later in the day also.  The best view for me was a juvy strafing the ducks – they all dove in succession, looked like a carny game. Here’s photos I shot of eagles on the same spot five years ago.

adult bald eagle Eel river, Plymouth
you put your right foot out...


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