punches for carving, update

box front w punch detail

Well, let’s see if this photo is any better. (remember, you can usually click these pictures to make them bigger)

Here is the cut-nail filed into a puch. Alexander made this years ago, but I have worn it out once, and re-filed the tip.

This next one is a photo that got dropped from the posting last night…lots of blips on yesterday’s post, somehow.

impressions from punches


heart punch


Today I heard from the folks at Lie-Nielsen, the DVD is now in stock & shipping to those who have ordered it, so if you are inclined, head on over to their site …


8 thoughts on “punches for carving, update

    • JA

      it’s a PDF on the DVD. how’s that for acronym-isms?

      working on slide lecture for Saturday, so no time for fiddling around anyway. so, folks, if you need to make the gouge picture to scale, go right ahead, or order the DVD & Lie-Nielsen has done it for you…

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