carving DVD out soon

I spoke today to Conor Smith at Lie-Nielsen, and he told me he’d put the DVD on their website…it should be available in a week or so; but those inclined can order it now. here’s the link:

I tried in the DVD to cover some of the material that I consider a good foundation for this style of carving. I hope folks enjoy it…


new carved box

5 thoughts on “carving DVD out soon

  1. Thanks for the link, Peter. What a great resource. I’ll be sure to order it this weekend, as I’m sure will many others.

  2. I dont usually spring for how-to videos because I enjoy the process of self embarras–
    I mean the learning curve.

    However I think I will spring for this Peter in large measure as thanks, because your work has been truly inspiring and your candor really refreshing.

    (Id love to see more videos…keep at it man!)

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