one more box

I meant to add this shameless plug to my previous posting tonight.

small oak box, on sale


I only have one of the small oak boxes left from the website.  approximate dimensions are H:  5 1/4″   W:  14″  D: 9″  

When this one goes, the price for the small boxes will go back up to $600 plus shipping. I’ll make more in the fall. As it now stands, this one is $5oo including ground shipping in the US.

Here’s a couple of detail shots of it:

front detail


small box open


On a completely different note, after catching conjunctivitis from the kids, I was out of work for a while…tomorrow I head back, hopefully not speading germs…

But my wife has no choice really, she has to take her chances like I did. Today we got to take a walk  by ourselves while the kids were in school… we made it all the way out to the “church” where we got married 7 years ago this week.

this was the place


If it hadn’t been for my sisters writing to us this week, neither of us would have caught on that it was our anniversary! Too swept up in trying to stay one step ahead of sick kids, and not really succeeding.  So, I needed help, but here it is – Happy Anniversary Maureen. maybe I’ll catch on next year…


4 thoughts on “one more box

  1. Ah yes, we actually have that date on the calendar and Pat told me to call you last night…but I was tired and wanted to eat supper instead. We did think of you though, and that magical wind swept day…one of the top ten…so far. Love to you both,
    your solemnizer priestess.

  2. Peter,

    I met you when I was up at Plimoth helping out with the Jacket project. I had a question about tools for you. I am wanting to start learning to carve (primarily 16th & 17th century repro stuff), and wanted to know if you had an opinion on any particular brand of carving chisels? Do you recommend Henry Taylor, Ashley Iles, Two Cherries, or something else?


  3. I love your boxes and would buy one in a minute, were it not for 1) my accountant; 2) Mrs. Truax; 3) IRS; 4) New England trips. But I may have something up my sleeve. BTW I now have an upholstery customer more childish and petty than your turned armchair guy from a few years ago!!

  4. LOL Peter, we were so busy bringing in crops and some projects we both forgot (lucky for me it was both :) ) Happy Anniversary

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