now we can see the book stand

Gary Roberts of kindly captured the bookstand photo for me & emailed it this morning…
book stand 1695


So now you can compare this joined one with the turned one I did. When I get the slide scanner running again, I’ll load photos of the original turned one.

Thanks again to Trent for sending the link to this new one & to Gary for rescuing the picture.

turned book stand


book stand rear view

9 thoughts on “now we can see the book stand

  1. And I now realize that, with my less than sharp eyesight, such a bookstand would be just the thing! Guess it’s time to start thinking of it as a ‘project’.

  2. If you like the joined bookstand, take a look at the rest of the lots in the Parry sale it was in, a real treat.


  3. Thanks Chris
    I loved the various tea caddies. Amazing stuff. It was funny to notice that they mostly had locks – had to keep the naughty kids out of the tea? I have a couple of those auction houses wired up so they send me emails about auctions of antique furniture and whatnot – really is an education to look through some of the online catalogs.

    • Thanks Brian. I was lucky enough to visit John Parry’s house a few years back. If you can picture a lot of that stuff – and more, in one home you will get an idea of what an experience that was. A fantastic eye for really good pieces, usually with something quirky and different, and always keen to show them to other enthusiasts.


  4. Why do I keep thinking there were shaved little brackets under the shelf? I don’t have an image of Increase Mather’s portrait but he clearly is using one of these although I think it’s more like this joined one.

    • Trent
      I don’t think there are brackets; I have some slides I shot & some you sent of the original. I have yet to dig out the software I need to run my slide scanner; it’s on the To-be-done list. As well as a thousand other things…

  5. Wonderful bookstand, lve the finials that look like acorns so typcially English. I also thought these stands were called “lecturns” but no too sure. I found a lecturn not too long ago dated Ano 1673 together with the name John Wigglsworth. I feel it once belonged to an English precher. Rarely do they come up for sale
    George Way
    Oak Collector

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